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Spelling Each Monday, or the first day of the week, a spelling list will go home with your child.  We do different activities here at school to practice those words, but your help at home is very much needed to make those words meaningful.  When we do our spelling activities at school, practicing at home will tremendously help them confidently do the activities.  Tests will be on Fridays.  Thank you for your cooperation.**The Word Power Page above will have your weekly spelling list for you.

* Mrs. Carolyn Cristian will be working with the students in learning the rules of  good sportsmanship in team sports. 



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*  In reading, we will meet individual student needs by meeting them where they are ang.  My goal is for every student to feel confident about their reading and grow and develop in their reading skills.  We now have a Reading Specialist here at Harrisburg Elementary named Kathy Sorenson.  She is a wonderful and beneficial asset and resource to use if you have any questions concerning our reading curriculum.  She also has a parent library in which you may check out books to read at home with your child.  *Reading to your child will benefit them as well, so please let them learn to enjoy listening as well as reading a story themselves.  

*  Our math program has wonderful literature to go along with each chapter that helps each concept become more meaningful to the children.  On the back of each printed booklet that goes home, there are 'at-home activities' that you can take the opportunity to do along with your child.  This math series really promotes consistency and predictability which really helps children see patterns and construct abstract thinking.  We will be using a lot of manipulatives because manipulatives make math visible and tangible for children.  I love digging into something new that I know the kids will really feel positive about.  

Writing Workshop *

Each child is at a different place in their writing skills.  My goal is to take each child further and further while increasing their writing skills and watch their skills develop and progress.  Every child needs to feel successful, and by feeling successful and by not being fearful of doing something wrong, their writing confidence will blossom.  Feeling good about your writing will be huge factor in learning as well as an intrinsic motivator.


Word Wall Words     * Each week 5 new word wall words will be put on our classroom Word Wall.  These are high frequency words that they students will be using within their reading and writing.  *The Word Power page above will have these for you at any time.

*Students will work on computer etiquette 
*Students will work on developing their keyboarding skills
*We will begin to work with Kid Pix

*Miss Johnson will be teaching Social Studies throughout the year.

*Mrs. Olson will introduce music this year by teaching note identification and rhythm.

*Students will begin the year by learning about the color wheel with Mrs. Diana Gregory.

Science  *  I will be teaching science for second grade classes this year.  I love getting to know ALL of the second graders in each class.  Our science series incorporates a lot of hands-on science experiments, etc. The students really get involved in their own learning.  We will start the year learning about plants and living things.  Science is such an exciting subject that always leaves us looking further and making connections that are meaningful.  

Daily Oral Language / English *Sentences will be written incorrectly on the overhead.  The children will rewrite the sentence using correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.  This area reflects the uses of language in the real world, making meaningful connections.  Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are taught not as isolated skills, but in an integrated manner.

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